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A thought about video platforms

With the adpocalypse, channel take downs and the expected comment section crackdowns, I’m experimenting with other video platforms. While not as impressive as the platforms that I currently use DTube comes with a nice perk; Cryptocurrency! Yep, you can actually get something in return for blogging or posting videos. Check out the  link below for a sample of the first video that got me anything.




Sure, lots of people shoot with multiple Cameras and match the footage in the edit, but with no graphics card, I can’t do that while processing 4K footage; I wouldn’t be able to see what the footage looks like before rendering. As a work around I use in-Camera settings to make 2 very different Cameras produce images that look  similar and usually get away with that. Of course trying to record in a dark Café with LED lights complicates things further, but hey, that’s the challenge that keeps it interesting. Here is another example featuring Allen Hinds with Rat Scat. Hope You like it.


When I say that I’m headed for the Farm to buy a new hard drive or motherboard, I’m not lying. The nearest location where I can get any electronic device happens to be a Dairy Farm, and if you then expect that their equipment would be outdated you’d be wrong. I was totally surprised when I was out for a ride and happened to notice a little sign on this +/- 700 hundred year old farm-house and decided to stop. After a moment of evaluating the situation I decided to drive on to the property and parked my scooter between a truck and a big tractor. When I took off my helmet the smell of cow manure and noise really hit home the fact that this was what it looked like, a dairy farm! But the sign said computers, so I still got mixed messages as I walked up to a traditional wooden barn door with an “open” sign. Once inside it looked like the computer section of a big electronics retailer complete with neon signs, racks of liquid cooled processors, motherboards, and rows of laptops, tablets, and the latest monitors. Then I turned around and saw something you don’t see at most computer retailers, cows being entertained by shoppers. Now if they only new more about Linux… Onno_Vocks_100_0576