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Sure, lots of people shoot with multiple Cameras and match the footage in the edit, but with no graphics card, I can’t do that while processing 4K footage; I wouldn’t be able to see what the footage looks like before rendering. As a work around I use in-Camera settings to make 2 very different Cameras produce images that look  similar and usually get away with that. Of course trying to record in a dark Café with LED lights complicates things further, but hey, that’s the challenge that keeps it interesting. Here is another example featuring Allen Hinds with Rat Scat. Hope You like it.



From the Woods

From the Woods

I’ll let the picture tell its own story.

Onno Vocks ’94 Mustang

Onno Vocks, 1994 Mustang1This was my near pristine ’94 Mustang before it was pelted by golf balls. My neighbor had been subject to this form of harassment since before I moved in next door. Unfortunately for me, the midnight golfer that targeted my neighbor had both poor skills and poor night vision. As a result the trunk lid, one side, and the roof were damaged. The hood being fiberglass, withstood the golf balls with only minor paint scuffs. The damage to the near new roof caused it to leak and water did it’s best to start rotting out the interior. Call the cops you say?, I did, but they were just as likely to arrest the car for being in my driveway in the first place. A Deputy from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office told me I would have to prove that the midnight Golfer intended to hit my Car if I wanted to win a case in Court.

This was a Cop – out, of course, an excuse for being too lazy to fill out a report and do something about the $3000,00 worth of damage not including paint. Which Cops? LCSO, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.