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Recently a question came up about Search Engines and Computers storing everything you look at or do. In order to do that, a Search Engine needs to recognize you through your hardware, Browser, Operating System or IP address, and your computer saves all kinds of Data that we aren’t even aware of. I’m no expert, but I like to tinker with machines, and was wondering why I couldn’t reuse old computers with smaller Linux operating systems, and still get basic things done like searches, video, inter net surfing and E-mail. What I eventually came up with was mostly FREE, free computer and free software.

For starters I got hold of a Compaq Presario 2100 from about 2001 or thereabouts, that was originally designed for Windows XP. It had no Battery and no Hard Drive and a conventional BIOS. I then down loaded Puppy Linux 5.7 and burned a “live” CD, still had to buy the blank CD of course. From there it is pretty simple. Click the images for enlargements should you want a closer look.


As you can see, the Hard Drive Bay is empty


Upon startup you’ll get this message, confirming there is no Hard Drive and no Operating System. This is the time to open the CD drive.


Insert the Non PAE Puppy Linux “live” CD in the tray and close, you may have to restart if the process does not start automatically. Upon startup you’ll have a short setup session for your inter net connection, that’s it! The reason I use the CD or DVD is because the Operating System can not be corrupted as the disk can no longer be written to, no Mal-ware, no spy-ware and no viruses….EVER!


TAADAA!! Any material you wish to save can be stored on a flash drive; remove the flash drive and CD and the machine is the old empty shell it was before. Now you say there are still remnants of data in the RAM, true, but it will be very little as a lot of RAM is used to swap files for the OS, and that’s still better than a decade’s worth of Cookies and Data. The next time you start the machine and reload the OS, most info from the previous session will be wiped/written over and most Snoops expect a Hard Drive, not RAM.

Now all you need to do is find free inter net access, like in a public or school library. Don’t forget your ethernet cable if your old Heep of parts is not equipped with wireless, and a usb flash drive. You can also use this setup at Home, eventually the machine will be recognized, as will your IP address, but it will still remain incorruptible.

Do not expect stellar performance from this setup, it will be slow, but if they steal this laptop, all they have is an old pile of parts and there is nothing for “you know who” to copy 🙂 (like at the airport) I also like to use really old machines, the newer ones have hard ware that can be traced while on line.

As stated before: I’m no expert, in my opinion total inter net anonymity and privacy does not exist, but this setup makes it a lot harder for anyone to steal your Data. The flash drive is easier to hide, and the data stored on it is entirely controlled by you. For even better privacy, consider Tails with a TOR browser, it too can be run from a live DVD, but will consume much more memory, and require newer, faster hardware than this old Heep.

Links to Puppy, and I recommend visiting them as my “Puppy” is outdated, “Woof”




I’m off to the next weird Computer project. Happy tinkering 🙂


Wachstum wachstum über alles!

Über alles in der Welt.

There is no room for infinite Growth, you’ve been Bamboozled! Now, ..you can’t eat money, but you could …….Onno_Vocks_P_1050246

How many will the CCB, Criminal Cartel of Bankers, kill this time around? All that wealth that was wiped out in ’01 and ’08, well,.. it wasn’t, it merely changed hands. Get ready for another round of “Fuzzy Math”. 1+1>/<2.


(Title:(economic) growth growth above all else, above all else in the world)

Oh, and here is something totally left out of recent discussions: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/14/business/global/14debt.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1



Sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Proving once again: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

I know some of the nicest People on Earth.

Thank you!

Memorial Service Update

Will be wearing blue for Rara.

The Matticus Kingdom

Rara will be there!

She’ll be shackle and handcuff free, but will still be in her prison blues.

So, if you are coming, to show support for her, wear blue.  Blue scrubs.  Blue shirts.  Blue ties.  Blue anything.  Just wear blue.

She should be showing up around 9:30…

I’ll probably be there around then too.

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Same as it ever was

Nothing to add.

MH17: Novaya Gazeta

In this world filled with lies, nonsense and other Hollywood B.S. it is nice to see that some people can still put together a simple message that speaks volumes. The staff at Novaya Gazeta, a Russian News Paper, opened the day with this image. In both Dutch and Russian it says: Forgive us, Netherlands. While a a few people can not speak for an entire Nation, and while an entire Nation can not take responsibility for the actions of a few individuals, this image is a really nice gesture. Thank you!

Novaya Gazeta

While I’m not in the habit of using someone else’s images, I just had to use this one, it was the only way to demonstrate what I’m talking about. I sincerely hope that there is no further escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine and that a diplomatic solution is found. The suffering always hits the innocents when a few fools seek power, money or both.

MH17: President Putin, ju got some ‘Splainin’ too do

I’m amazed at the lies being spread. They claim they can’t identify all nationalities on board flight MH17, what is that passport control for? Who shot down the plane? With satellite observation over a war zone some one already knows where the missile came from. Pro-Russian separatists claim to not have the equipment to carry out such an operation, and yet they admit to conquering such equipment from the Ukrainian army. Some one showed them how to use this equipment to successfully bring down a plane, so meester Putin, ju got some ‘splainin’ too do.

LEASH YOUR DAWGZ Mr. Putin, be the boss like you claim you are.

Tired of the Bullshit coming from all sides, the US has also not published their data on this matter, as expected, tell the truth for a change,..emmeffers.

Update: Since the downing of the Metrojet plane, it looks like the Russians will also be denied justice for the lives lost. My sincere sympathy and condolences to those that lost loved ones in this latest act of cowardice.