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Sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Proving once again: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

I know some of the nicest People on Earth.

Thank you!

Memorial Service Update

Will be wearing blue for Rara.

The Matticus Kingdom

Rara will be there!

She’ll be shackle and handcuff free, but will still be in her prison blues.

So, if you are coming, to show support for her, wear blue.  Blue scrubs.  Blue shirts.  Blue ties.  Blue anything.  Just wear blue.

She should be showing up around 9:30…

I’ll probably be there around then too.

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Same as it ever was

Nothing to add.

MH17: Novaya Gazeta

In this world filled with lies, nonsense and other Hollywood B.S. it is nice to see that some people can still put together a simple message that speaks volumes. The staff at Novaya Gazeta, a Russian News Paper, opened the day with this image. In both Dutch and Russian it says: Forgive us, Netherlands. While a a few people can not speak for an entire Nation, and while an entire Nation can not take responsibility for the actions of a few individuals, this image is a really nice gesture. Thank you!

Novaya Gazeta

While I’m not in the habit of using someone else’s images, I just had to use this one, it was the only way to demonstrate what I’m talking about. I sincerely hope that there is no further escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine and that a diplomatic solution is found. The suffering always hits the innocents when a few fools seek power, money or both.

MH17: President Putin, ju got some ‘Splainin’ too do

I’m amazed at the lies being spread. They claim they can’t identify all nationalities on board flight MH17, what is that passport control for? Who shot down the plane? With satellite observation over a war zone some one already knows where the missile came from. Pro-Russian separatists claim to not have the equipment to carry out such an operation, and yet they admit to conquering such equipment from the Ukrainian army. Some one showed them how to use this equipment to successfully bring down a plane, so meester Putin, ju got some ‘splainin’ too do.

LEASH YOUR DAWGZ Mr. Putin, be the boss like you claim you are.

Tired of the Bullshit coming from all sides, the US has also not published their data on this matter, as expected, tell the truth for a change,..emmeffers.

Update: Since the downing of the Metrojet plane, it looks like the Russians will also be denied justice for the lives lost. My sincere sympathy and condolences to those that lost loved ones in this latest act of cowardice.

Balloon Photo Shoot

My spin on the Princes and the frog.



No contest, right?…WELL?


This nice quiet evening with a typical sunset is merely the silence before the storm. The next day, the “locals” will enter a race where good Sportsmanship, while driving, is frowned upon. Things get silly quickly.

It all starts with lining up the cars as if there were a Traffic-light even when there are no such lights for many miles around. This driver is a little nervous, the Sheet Metal on his car is not properly Work-hardened and the Paint looks way too nice to be seen in public….

…the other drivers know this, and are willing to help him fix this minor issue.

After just two Heats the other Drivers successfully modified the Car to meet the proper standard for Aesthetics and Work-hardening. This was also the first Traffic-jam this Year.

After a while, visibility becomes bad, but drivers don’t really need to know where they are going anyway, as long as they can get around the Car in front of them.

For these Guys, there really are only 2 modes of efficient driving; full Throttle and full Brakes, with the latter not being used. That little Pedal in the middle is considered dangerous and is best avoided.

Sportsmanship isn’t all bad at this event, if you drive from the wrong side of the Car, or Road, like this British Import, the other drivers will gladly help you park your 4 Door Station-Wagon, while converting it into a sporty 2 Door Hatchback.

There is free towing… (this is the only time you are actually glad to be behind one of these slow Behemoths)

as well as a free Rollover Service… (Driver is still in the car)

and should you get lost, some friendly Local will take you right to your final Destination. You don’t even have to get out of your Car to get this free Valet Parking Service.

The Weatherman on TV predicted perfect Weather, and he was right, save for this one, low-hanging Cloud.

So after a few more Traffic-jams…

and a couple of fires…

it was time for everyone to go home and milk the Cows, so to speak.

Total Tally for this quiet Sunday afternoon: 150 Cars crushed, 1 broken Arm and 0 Arrests. I couldn’t get the figures for Beer consumption, only that it was “lots”.

Next up are the Dirt bikes, but that event is much harder on the People participating, usually the Machines survive but the Riders get banged-up instead. Seems fair to me. Thanks for visiting my page of crushed Cars.