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MH17: President Putin, ju got some ‘Splainin’ too do

I’m amazed at the lies being spread. They claim they can’t identify all nationalities on board flight MH17, what is that passport control for? Who shot down the plane? With satellite observation over a war zone some one already knows where the missile came from. Pro-Russian separatists claim to not have the equipment to carry out such an operation, and yet they admit to conquering such equipment from the Ukrainian army. Some one showed them how to use this equipment to successfully bring down a plane, so meester Putin, ju got some ‘splainin’ too do.

LEASH YOUR DAWGZ Mr. Putin, be the boss like you claim you are.

Tired of the Bullshit coming from all sides, the US has also not published their data on this matter, as expected, tell the truth for a change,..emmeffers.

Update: Since the downing of the Metrojet plane, it looks like the Russians will also be denied justice for the lives lost. My sincere sympathy and condolences to those that lost loved ones in this latest act of cowardice.


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