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Elegant Decadence by Allen Hinds

Based on a New Orleans 2nd line, yes the funeral kind, a tune by Allen Hinds called Elegant Decadence with lots of breathing room for other instruments.


Recorded by another videographer, Paul van Druten, Caravan by the Rosenberg Trio. YT is not doing anyone any favors so we must do it. Gypsy Jazz at it’s finest; Enjoy!

The Headline That Never Will Be

Here we go again; the worlds largest security threat makes no Newspaper, TV or Radio headlines once again. You don’t own your computer; they do! Go ahead and waste your money on anti-virus-spyware-malware what have you. They can crack your box anytime they want. I’ve posted on these issues before with this question: when taking your computer in for service, do you give them your password? No? Why not? You hand over your Car Key when you bring your vehicle in for service. When will it finally dawn on People that they don’t NEED your password to test-drive your computer. Information can be retrieved from or written to your system at any time. Think my 15TB of storage could hold stuff I don’t know about? You bet!

Carrier Pigeon anyone? https://www.networkworld.com/article/3236064/servers/minix-the-most-popular-os-in-the-world-thanks-to-intel.html


Sure, lots of people shoot with multiple Cameras and match the footage in the edit, but with no graphics card, I can’t do that while processing 4K footage; I wouldn’t be able to see what the footage looks like before rendering. As a work around I use in-Camera settings to make 2 very different Cameras produce images that look  similar and usually get away with that. Of course trying to record in a dark Café with LED lights complicates things further, but hey, that’s the challenge that keeps it interesting. Here is another example featuring Allen Hinds with Rat Scat. Hope You like it.

What I’ve been up to.

Some have asked me what I’ve been doing lately. Well, ..video, and it takes up a huge amount of time. Rather than write about it, let me show you.

Think this is worth doing, or do you think I’ve gone off the deep end? Thanks for reading if you got this far.

End of Season Boredom

At the end of the season for Tractor pulling there was one Motocross event left for me to experiment with. Rather than focus on the race itself I played with the Camera’s abilities purely to gain more experience. I couldn’t follow the entire course from a single spot anyway, so I put together some footage that leaves a general impression of what attending an MX event looks like, including a few dead spots while waiting for the group of bikes to come around again.

With a number of local events getting rained out I decided on moving indoors, but what? Talent shows? Bars and Cafés? I didn’t want to spend a fortune to gain experience and end up with footage I wouldn’t be allowed to publish. Well, I ran into an event held in a countryside Schoolroom surrounded by pasture land and dairy Farms, so I tried my luck there to see what would happen. With mooing Cows as background noise I shot video from every possible angle but didn’t want to get in the way of the audience. So here is a music video shot while crawling on the floor. This was a good learning experience because the best shots for a Camera are usually in the worst spot for sound. This next video didn’t turn out too badly though, even if I did everything wrong and used the wrong Camera for this situation.

From this footage I learned that the Microphone needs to be in the middle, above the audience and about 8-10ft away from the stage. But how to get it there without the Camera also being there ruining/limiting the video footage?

Answer: a $6 9Ft Fly Fishing Pole and a separate recording device.

At this point I also realized that Microsoft’s wonderful little Moviemaker would no longer suffice to adequately meet my needs; I needed new skills and new software which I’ll get to in the next post. Thanks for reading if you got this far.

I’m not hiding!

Recently I was asked if I was in hiding. My answer was that instead of following Politics, I was following people with real talent.

I will use this space to showcase a bit of what I’ve been doing. It all started with a Camera that had an incredible lens attached to it; one that could follow a fast moving object both near and far. So for fun I went to a few Tractor Pulls and Motocross events until I could reliably capture usable footage without getting access normally granted to professional Camera Crews. That meant I had to shoot video from whatever was available to me which ranged from a standing on a Barrel to the top of the Stands and everything in between.

Here is some footage shot from the back of a flat bed Truck: Tractor Pull Footage: Black Cat.
Another one shot with daytime Light: Mien Masjien ~ My Machine:

When the season ended I got bored and decided to try and record live Bands. Gaining entrance to live performances costs money, but also requires a new set of skills, which I’ll get into in a future post.



America! America! God shed his grace on thee!

Turkey File

America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
Till selfish gain no longer stain
The banner of the free!

Here’s a New Zealand perspective on current shenanigans in America the beautiful. Good stuff, Malcolm!



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